Surviving Hurricane Insert Mother-in-law’s Name Here

I was unaware that the Cottrell-Thompson’s would emerge from this storm relatively unscathed.
No trees hit any of our belongings.
No loss of power.
Only minor basement flooding.
And mental trauma.

The news showed this hurricane going right over our undisclosed location somewhere in Southern New Jersey.
I would be trapped for days with three children.
My mother-in-law’s name is Sandy. Naturally, I was terrified.

This is what I’ve learned:

Prepare as much as possible. ShopRite was out of water. I was only concerned if Joe Canal’s Discount Liquor Store had gin. I should have been concerned about the reflection in the microwave which showed my pants-free before posting this to Facebook. 

Try not to loose your head, or your pants, unless you’re me…or my daughter.
Perhaps inspired by my mishap, my 12-year-old daughter Mali declared her days off from school as No Pants Days. This innovator was conserving. These days may also have been wear the same underwear days.

Use your incarceration time exploring a new area an of interest. I dove into the culinary world and cooked. For lunch, I made my famous cheese sandwiches.

Lonna’s Gourmet Non-vegan Cheese Sandwiches

2 pieces of bread
1. Throw together.
2. Serve

Simon spent his few days off from preschool practicing his spelling.

Simon: “Mommy, how do you spell mommy?”
Me: “M-O-M-M-Y.”
Simon: “How do you spell mom?”
Me: “M-O-M.”
Simon: “How do you spell dead?”
Me: “What?”
Simon: “How do you spell dead.”
Me: “D-E-A-D.”

Remember that you love your family despite their thinly veiled death threats.

Give to those less fortunate. Time or cash.

5 thoughts on “Surviving Hurricane Insert Mother-in-law’s Name Here

  1. Oh goodness, now this is a way to help make one feel better about a horrible situation! Hurricane Sandy is quite a sad affair, but if you can find something to smile about, even if it does have to deal with going pant-less; it makes the burden much easier to handle! I especially love your son’s spelling practice. Oh goodness, kids really do say the darnedest things!


  2. buwahhhhaaaahahahahaha. The reflection shot is hilarious and so is the ‘my mother in-law’s name is Sandy, so I was terrified,’ comment. 🙂

    Seriously, I’m glad everyone’s ok! And the reminder to donate time or cash at the end is a good one.


  3. I also wrote about Sandy in my blog. I think you and I must live near each other – I am also a south Jerseyan! We lost power for a couple of days but that was nothing compared to what the folks at the shore are going through. Glad you made it through ok!


  4. Ok, after living through Hurricane Sandy here as well on Long Island, I thank you for this post, because you truly gave me something to laugh about tonight, which has been in short supply around these parts lately. Awesome post and glad you too all made out Ok from the storm. Thank you for the Twitter follow and have followed you back. Lonna, hope you get to check out my blog too soon 🙂


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