This is a test.

What do these objects have in common?

Similar objects not pictured: clothes hanger, toy hammer, pencil, and spoon.

 Give up?

Okay, okay. I’ll give you more clues.

(The following is a dramatization of actual events. An actress was used to play the part of my four year old son Simon due to his inability to not smile in front of a camera or be directed in any way imaginable. And he has a severe aversion to the Simon mask. It scares him.)


Look at Texas. It’s a gun. Duh.

They are all guns.

Am I comforted by his creativity?

Not really.

“You should click this link if you enjoy my wife’s blog. Even if you don’t enjoy it, you should click it. A little charity never hurt anyone. Except that Kony documentarian. He went apesh*t but we shouldn’t blame it on charity. I think he just came into money and lost it.” ~Brian Cottrell-Thompson

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