Mali says…

Word of wisdom from a pubescent middle schooler.

“It’s not illegal if it’s anonymous.”

(Modelling her cut off jean shorts HAT) “I’m an innovator.”

(When questioned about the large areas of grass left after her mowing job) “We need some biodiversity.”

“There’s a new addition to my I hate list. Tampons!”

(Concerning the directions in the Tampon box) “Insert at a 45 degree angle. What? Am I supposed to use a protractor to measure out my uterus?”

“Does asparagus digest, because my poop had vines in it.”



“You should click this link if you enjoy my wife’s blog. Even if you don’t enjoy it, you should click it. A little charity never hurt anyone. Except that Kony documentarian. He went apesh*t but we shouldn’t blame it on charity. I think he just came into money and lost it.” ~Brian Cottrell-Thompson

3 thoughts on “Mali says…

  1. Funny! Asparagus is way more gross coming than going!

    FYI– you’ve been tagged for the Fabulous Blog Ribbon on my latest post on the Crazy Train! I hope that you will join in on the fun. 🙂


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