Simon says…

Words of wisdom from a four year old

“I didn’t mean to do it on purpose.”

“Mommy, I love you so much. When I’m mad at you I don’t, but now I do.”

(When asked how school was) “Kinda boring.”

(Avoiding finishing his dinner) “I’m tired. Can I go outside and play on my scooter?”

(After a particularly taxing bathroom visit) “My colon is clean.”

(While pointing a plastic toy screwdriver) “Daddy, you have a hole in your butt. I’m gonna fix it.”



“You should click this link if you enjoy my wife’s blog. Even if you don’t enjoy it, you should click it. A little charity never hurt anyone. Except that Kony documentarian. He went apesh*t but we shouldn’t blame it on charity. I think he just came into money and lost it.” ~Brian Cottrell-Thompson

2 thoughts on “Simon says…

  1. I just love that you wrote about your “mid-life” crisis on my 31st WEDDING Anniversary ……. so honey if you are having a mid-life crisis – I must be half dead!

    No wait I’m alive and kicking so you are NOT having a mid-life crisis you are experiencing LIFE in this wacky world we are journeying through.

    I loved seeing that I’m not the only one that wants to have a 5 star room with all the creature comforts without paying a fortune – just wish your room had been a little closer to 5 in the star rating. And of course really sorry that you had to make so many trips to the pharmacy – I just hate not feeling 1000 percent when I’m out and about and spending my hard earned money!

    I really have enjoyed your blog so far and will be visiting often to see how you are fairing in your next adventure.

    Oh and I found you through voiceBoks – see you there too.


  2. and of course I see this posted on your words of wisdom (through the eyes of a 4 year old) instead of your Second Anniversary post …… see I told you you weren’t having a mid-life crisis – but I’m thinking I’m really getting “old” or just old eyes


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