The family that skates together, stays together…visits the ER together…pays copays together…

What Derby Park looked like during my honeymoon.

Over the weekend, I took my first skate lesson. Why would an almost forty year old mother of three start this hobby at this age? I have many reasons. If I don’t learn now, when will I? My future nursing home will doubtfully offer classes. Am I crazy? Completely.

One reason: to resolve the jealousy I have for my husband. Brian is slightly younger; had knee surgery in November 2011; had a chest wall contusion last month; has perfected a cocktail of naproxen sodium and aspirin; and drinks Joint Juice. That’s the life I want. I have insurance too and over 342 accumulated sick hours that are waiting patiently to be used. But mostly, I’m jealous of the smile erupts on his face and stays there the entire time he’s riding his useless wooden toy.

Another reason: skateboarding has been ingrained into our family…even legally. In Simon’s adoption papers, the social worker wrote, “When I arrived, the family was skateboarding in the driveway.” During our wedding ceremony, our reverend said, “Not only do you, Lonna, accept that Brian is a thirty-five year old skateboarder, you encourage it.” Brian and I visited not one, but three different skate parks during our honeymoon. Our baby boy’s middle name is Cardiel, after the inspirational skateboarder John Cardiel. This child spent the first months of his life in and out of Black Diamond skate park. He seemed to enjoy it…as much as a newborn is capable of enjoying anything.

And another reason: the Ghost of Future Skateboarding’s haunting me. All day long, curbs, railings, and the red balls in front of Target call my name. Lonna. Skate me.

My first session was a bit more crowded than I would have liked. The in-laws and my son watched, as well as numerous nosey neighbors. Afterwards, I was proud of myself…until I gazed at the photos. All of them show my age and lack of ability.

No. This is not Lauren Bacall undergoing physical therapy. This is me not falling. Brian wouldn’t let me start on the box. He claims it will take me at least a year before I’ll be able to slide across it. Whatever.

Brian taught me how to properly stand on the board. Then, he pulled me around our driveway. Simon helped. I was uneasy, but not terribly so for someone as elderly as me. Pay no attention to the death grip. Also notice, the lack of a walker.

Then, Simon demonstrated the proper way to complete this step. He makes it all look very easy. Show off.

I learned to steer by leaning to one side. I also learned the difference between the front and the back of the board. Although I plan on switching my Nikes with Vans, I’m not ready to adopt the entire skater wardrobe, particularly the knee high socks.

Me solo…for about five feet. You can practically feel the (lack of) speed. Next time, I’ll go farther. Maybe fifteen.

5 thoughts on “The family that skates together, stays together…visits the ER together…pays copays together…

  1. I love this post! And I admire your courage to try something new at the tender age of 40! I’m 41 myself and I can’t ice skate. I never learnt. In Britain where I grew up the nearest ice rink was over an hour away in a different city so it wasn’t something we did. But now I live in Canada I kind of wish I could skate. So I think you may have just inspired me to get my skates on and learn!


  2. Oh, you write so funny! I love it 🙂
    Now, how many women in their 40’s can say that they’ve skateboarded? You are so brave for doing that. It rejuvenates the soul, doesn’t it? Hey, five feet is no easy feat! I’m sure it won’t be long before you find yourself skating around the block- in knee high socks! 🙂


  3. Lonna, I’m so proud of you, I just saw these pictures and am very impressed with the one of you holding no-ones hand. Love, Mom


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