Keeping It In The Family

Not me.

My sister and I are very close. I am reminded of this every time an inquiring mind asks, “How did you and your husband meet?”

Sometimes my story is, “We met each other a long time ago and reconnected on facebook.” Other times I confess, “Well, I think I answered my front door and he wanted to know if my sister was home.”

She briefly dated him shortly at the end of her senior year in high school. The year: 1994.

People want to know, “Was there an initial attraction?” I remember thinking he was a cute kid. He was passionate about Picasso which touched an intimate part of me.

People also wonder, “Is it weird?” Sure it was a little strange having my sister introduce me to his parents at a family barbecue. She also informed me which window of their home belonged to the bathroom.  An upside: I didn’t have to introduce him to anyone from my immediate family. He’d met everyone before. That was simple. He was previously tested and approved.

Other than that, no. It was over 18 years ago.

Since high school, my sister’s been married and has a whole mini-van full of children. A whole mini-van…

Since then, he’s dated many women and had many relationships. Many. A whole lot…

Still, some people wonder if there is tension when we three get together. Brian and I find this completely ridiculous. The man chose and put a ring on my finger. He says, “You’re not jealous of your sister, are you? I think you got the better end of the deal.”

Yes, I did. But did he?

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