Sleeping With The Enemy?

I hadn’t doubted our wedding vows…until last night.

Not months ago, when Brian became possessed during his sleep. His pitch and volume matched Regan’s from The Exorcist. I was too busy laughing.

Not last week, when he enhanced his slumber time by utilizing me as a human twister board. Place left foot on blue circle (Lonna’s thigh). Put right hand on yellow circle (Lonna’s face).

But last night, I did. It was approximately 3:33 AM after covering the baby up in his crib.  My body crawled back into our marital bed. I closed my eyes and prepared for sleep when I heard my husband clearly and unconsciously state, “Get the ice pick!”

NO escape routes exist from my spot in the bedroom.

On our wedding day, he recited parts of an ancient Celtic ceremony. To me, he said, “I pledge that your name will always be the name I cry aloud in the dead of night.”

Now, I’m not so sure that’s what I want.

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