The Official Virtual Memorial For Our Beloved Solitary Confinement

First Whitney, then Davy Jones, now Solitary Confinement?

Thanks for joining me in giving Solitary Confinement the farewell she deserves. She was loved by many my mother and a few facebook friends. Solitary began her life as a young hopeful website one day back in August 2009. The author had hopes of gaining followers and using her new found fame as leverage for getting her memoir published. Unfortunately, due to neglect, Solitary went into a coma in March 2010.  The author fell in love and her outlook on life, although still warped, became less isolated. As a result, on March 21, 2012 Solitary was allegedly, brutally euthanized by The Artist Formerly Known As Lonna Cottrell who will now take her place. Exact cause of death is pending an investigation.

In lieu of flowers, please make many LARGE cash donations to any or all of the following: The United Foundation for Disenchanted Bloggers (me), Parents for the Ethical Treatment of Parents (me), and The World Organization for Caretakers of Children Who Only Wear Black (me). For contact information on these organizations, get in touch with the author of this blog (me).

You are invited to release your grief by sharing your memories of her with all of us in the comments below.

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