The Kevorkian Christmas Carols

Jack preparing to decorate his tree.
We were young and had a dream.  A world where we openly joke about suicide without being sent to the guidance office for a psychological evaluation.
The following works of art were created in 1993 by Lonna Cottrell and Totally Rosalie after an intense moment of reflection; inspired by Dr. Kevorkian’s bestselling book The Final Exit and best sung in mental institutions, midnight mass, Christmas dinner, and holiday wakes.
silent-night-deadly-night*Taken from the classic movie with the same name as our song.

Silent Night, Deadly Night

(to be sung to the tune of Silent Night. Duh.)

Silent night,

deadly night.

Mother got on my nerves,

not very bright.

Shot her in the head,

said good night bitch.

Thought she was dead,

but she gave a little twitch.

Sleep in deadly peace.

Mother rest in peace.

Christmas Carolers

Our 12 Days of Christmas

On the twelfth day of Christmas my suicidal father gave to me,

Twelve pills of xanax,

Eleven-story buildings,

Ten plastic bags,

Nine train rail pillows,

Eight hungry tigers,

Seven pails of acid,

Six cars a crashing,

Five running cars in a closed garage,

Four caskets waiting,

Three razors blades,

Two hand grenades,

And a noose waiting in a pine tree.


*Not IN a pine tree, but adjacent to one.

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