Happy Belated National Annual Bulimia Day

For once, I’m extremely proud of myself for not dangling my uvula with the tip of my index finger. This is due to my inhuman level of self-restraint. Forcing vomit production on this particular Thursday in November had become the norm, either that or allow my stomach and esophagus to split. Not this year. No toilet-hovering for me. You will see that I’ve cut back on my consumption. As evidence, I leave you with this Bridget Jones’s Diary-like list.

(Height: 5 feet, 5 1/2 inches, Weight 125 pounds, alcohol intake: o)

Breakfast (~starting 7:32 am): 2.5 generous mugs of coffee (Bustello), 1 slice of Kraft Singles processed cheese

Snack (~10:30 am): 1 mug coffee, 1 snack-sized bag of Doritos, 1 orange creamsicle, 3 Kraft Singles, the leftovers of my daughter’s Smart Pop popcorn snack bag (possibly 20 kernels)

Thanksgiving Day Lunch at Mom’s (1:15 pm): 2 large slices of turkey, 2 deviled eggs, 2 rolls, 2 huge scoops of green bean casserole, macaroni and cheese, stuffing, and potato salad…all which fit onto one plate

Thanksgiving Day Desert (starting around 2:00pm):1 mug of coffee (Maxwell House), 2 pieces of pumpkin pie, 1 piece of banana cream pie…each piece silightly smaller than 1/4 of the whole

Dinner: skipped

Snack (at home beginning around 7:30 pm): 2 pieces of pumpkin pie, bowl of potato salad, can of Nestle Sweetened Tea

Before Bed Snack (10:30 pm): 3 spoonfuls of potato salad, 1 mug of herbal tea

2 thoughts on “Happy Belated National Annual Bulimia Day

  1. My coffee diet has been significantly worse in the past, but now I try to keep it below a full pot per day. And I do have trouble sleeping. Have no idea why.


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