A few words from Haven

“Yes, it’s tragic. Especially from this distance. Kierkegaard’s father had a terrible secret, which he passed along to his son, and Kierkegaard felt he could never marry, because he would infect–something like that–his fiancee with the truth.”

–AnnaLee in Haven Kimmel’s The Solace of Leaving Early

Dream Journal

I never
I never had sex with my father but I would have, if he had agreed. Once he realized how I felt he never again let me so much as lean against him while we watched television. I was never allowed to rest my head in his lap, or hold his hand. We gave up our late-night dancing in the kitchen to his favorite records; we stopped camping together. He took away my old hunting rifle, and when I rode behind him on his motorcycle I wasn’t allowed to wrap my arms around his waist anymore. I had to let them lie on my own thighs, even when taking sharp corners.”

–Trace/Ianthe in Haven Kimmel’s Iodine

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