Morrissey Gets Naked, By Amalia

A work of fiction.

An Amalia Story

There’s no censoring this child, so I’ve given her a forum. When I’m in the mood and one of her stories passes my test, I’ll post it just as written, grammatical errors and all.

She’s nine years old.


One day Bob went to a Morrissey concert.


The concert started. Morrissey came out talked a little bit then and he said “I want to show you some thing special.” Something gross happened. Morrissey mooned the crowd.

Everyone puked.

The next day Morrissey got a phone call. It was from “NUDE INCIDENTS COURT”.

The judge said “You have a court date with Bob at 2:00 today.” It was 1:30. Morrissey wasn’t dressed yet and court was a half and hour drive away. Without bothering to get dressed Morrissey jumped in his car and drove off.

When he got there Harvey Levin (the guy from TMZ) stared at him. Then he went inside. The cops realized he was nude they arrested him.

Morrissey never was nude again.


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