The Addams Family

The Addams Family ~ ~ ~ © Metro-Goldwyn-Mayer Studios Inc. All Rights ReservedWhile vegetating here with my daughter watching myphl 17‘s The Addams Family Not So Scary Halloween Marathon, the memories flood my skull.

Throughout my childhood, I identified with this family, not entirely unlike my own. Well, a glorified version. I’m still on the hunt for my very own Gomez, and have been brushing up on my French just in case an opportunity presents itself. As a substitute, Lurch would make a lovely exception. His height alone gives me shivers. And that growl, grunt thing…HOT! At this point in my life, I’d even settle for Thing.

As a young girl, I would shuffle around the house with both bottom appendages shoved into one pant leg like Morticia. I wanted to wear baking powder on my face like my idol, but my mother wouldn’t allow me. She always insisted on stifling my creativity. Why couldn’t I cut my doll’s head off and name her Marie Antoinette? Why didn’t my grandmother teach me about the French Revolution? Who doesn’t desire to snip the rose buds off  leaving only the stems and the thorns? In the 8th grade, I named one of my egg babies Uncle Fester. I had even parodied the theme song.

From what I can remember, it went a little something like this…

They’re sneaky and they’re goofy,

They’re all together oofy,

And my sister plays with Snoopy.

The Cottrell Family.

My mother’s the intellectual,

And everyone makes a spectacle,

Over my brother being a homosexual.

The Cottrell Family.

Okay. My mother the intellectual? I know. Far-fetched. But I was sheltered and she knew how to read.

FYI: My brother is NOT a homosexual…if he were his fashion sense would show signs of improvement. His everyday attire consists of huntin’ boots, holey oil-stained jeans, a holey oil-stained t-shirt, and in the winter a holey grease-stained sweat shirt, accompanied with a Carhart jacket.

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