Meet My Competition, Andy Samberg’s Girlfriend Joanna Newsom

Okay, I confess. My temporary/borderline obsession with Andy Samberg has resulted in a few wasted moments of research. During this time, I stumbled upon his current girlfriend, harpist, Joanna Newsom. He’s been involved with her for a few years and the pictures of the two of them together show a couple so in love…that I’m experiencing the elevation of  ham and cheese. Upward towards my mouth.


See Flickr for original

See flickr for original

See! What am I to do?

But no matter how hard I try to hate this chick–I can’t. Like Andy, she’s also awesome…

…to those with comparable tastes to me and Mr. Samberg. In fact, I adore her so much that I may even be a tiny bit jealous of Andy. Not really, but I felt bigger just saying it. Okay, possibly microscopically envious…or a little more.

Yes, that was her voice.

Not an auditory hallucination…or a cat…or the beginning of World War III.

That’s the sound of heaven.

Perhaps because my brains wired backwards, the second time I listened, I was hooked, and now seriously can’t get enough. There’s no hope for me.

Her vocal effect’s similar to my favorites, Joni Mitchell and Victoria Williams. And I’m also fond of Bob Dylan’s. Go figure.

So if he has to be with anyone else, I can accept it if he’s with her. Only her. Maybe.

I will give up and move on with my life.

As she sang in Peach, Plum, Pear, “You’re knocking me down with the palm of your eye.” And they truly are. Both of them.

It shows that he’s not Hollywood…appreciates what I appreciate…and makes me like him more. She plays THE HARP.  This also reinforces my previous decision to not cut my hair until I can wrap it around my waist three times.

Joanna’s the next best thing to me.

And for those uncultured souls that do not share my taste in sound, I’ve left the following for your comparison.

I almost forgot.** My disclaimer: I know the difference between love and other fleeting passions. I do not actually love Andy Samberg because I do not know him…yet. I also have no intentions on tracking him down, or sending him unwanted flowers, or letters, etc. I only have a huge crush on the guy and picture him in inappropriate poses. Without clothes. Often.

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2 thoughts on “Meet My Competition, Andy Samberg’s Girlfriend Joanna Newsom

  1. EWWWWWWWWWW!!!!!!! She does sound like a screaming 2 year old. Or a crazed cat on steroids. Those are comparisons I’ve seen posted about her voice. YUCK & more YUCK.
    She can rock a mean harp tho…But, a harp’s NOT rock. Stevie Nicks ….ON CRACK~!


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