Summer Camp

My dream–a Renaissance child, a young female Michelangelo from Middleofnowheresville.


So I enrolled Amalia in an institution of higher learning for two weeks. Cumberland County College’s Summer Academy.

To prove that she’s NOT a girl (which she actually is) her course choices were Fencing, Kids in the Kitchen, Sensational Science, and Pokemon.


Sure, it was a community college, but at least she’d be on a college campus and not vegetating in front of Dr. Phil or staring at her cousin play Rock Band.

Her fencing teacher named one of his cats, Enterobious vermicularis. That’s Darwin for pinworms.

For cooking, she made pizza.

In science, she created snow…and she has already forgotten what else.

And in her first level Pokemon class, she did this.


Her attacks are:

GOOD LOOKS-you will die of my hotness


POOP-I will poop on you

with 80 damage points

As you can see, the money was well spent.

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