My Mother’s Guide to Making Coffee

Genesis 1:3 – And God said, Let there be light: and there was light (and coffee).


Go to Wawa or risk the following…

1. Find coffee maker/machine/thingy.


allow adequate time for this step

do not underestimate its difficulty

2. Put the brown stuff into the paper hat.

coffee_filtersmay be white or brown in color

3. Add one scoop/tablespoon/teaspoon…or two…or is it three??? for every cup of water.


coffee grounds may appear similar to

ordinary dirt and potting soil

*if needed obtain assistance

4. Push the ON button and stand back.

may say POWER

5. Slowly observe molten hot liquid leaking from the top of the machine and mumble, “Oh, oh.”

6. Grab your favorite invention–the paper towel.


7. Pull the part holding the filter out and spread the coffee unilaterally across the kitchen.


8. Hand Lonna either a box of tissues or a straw as your son-in-law cleans up the mess.


9. Leave in shame.

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