Kirk Cam-moron On Evil-lution


My sister loved you.

I made her a scrapbook of your pictures so she could keep them forever.

And I once used a poster of you for an illustration

during an 8th grade presentation on Africa.

You represented Cameroon.

I also glued together soap bars

Ivory and Coast for

Ivory Coast.

Oh Kirk. Stop being a jerk. It’s just a theory, just like The Theory of Molecular Bonds, The Theory of Relativity, The Atomic Theory, The Cell Theory, and The Germ Theory are only theories. No need to get tussled. Relax.

On Nov. 19, 2009, the former Mike Seaver of Growing Pains will give out 50,000 of Darwin’s Origin of Species, FOR FREE, at the top 50 universities around the country to help educate “our future lawyers, doctors, and politicians.” A phrase he repeated twice. This special edition includes a 50 page introduction written by his mustached friend Ray Comfort which informs us of “Hilter’s undeniable connection with the theory, Darwin’s racism, his disdain for women…” And exposes us to the “opposing and correct” view.

If you help they’ll give you a FREE poster. Wow.

Kirk says, “It’s a life or death issue.” ?????????????????????? What?

And, by the way Kirk, you’re wrong about Mr. Einstein. He did not as your YouTube video says, “believe that God created the universe.” Albert died an atheist…he just stated that he didn’t know everything…a lesson everyone should try to learn from.

Whether you’re Jewish, Muslim, Buddhist, Atheist, Agnostic or Christian, you have to admit once someone starts linking their views to Adolf Hitler, they sound like complete wackos. He’s giving Christians a bad name…and Evangelical Christians, Creationists, former child stars, Californians, and Americans a bad name. He’s a compound and a match away from becoming David Koresh. Someone should check and see if he’s purchased any land in South America or stockpiled Kool Aid.

My religious beliefs are complicated. Let’s just categorize me as ASSORTED. I like to pick and steal from all philosophies. But as a scientist, to deny evolution as a theory would be like saying maybe smoking doesn’t cause cancer.

Kirk, if you didn’t mention Hilter’s “undeniable connection” to The Theory of Evolution, I wouldn’t have to bring up your “undeniable connection” to Tracy’s eating disorder. And the earth’s flat, and the sun revolves around the earth, and the moon’s made of cheese, and OJ didn’t kill his wife.

And Mr. Cameron only kisses his wife, even onscreen which may explain why he exclusively stars in Christian films.

Kirk. A suggestion. Maybe you should channel your energy into doing things that really matter, like continue trying to turn gang members lives around. That I can respect, even though I don’t exactly agree with your methods. (Hey, whatever it takes.) Or do like Luke (Leo DiCaprio) did…help Al Gore. Save the planet, etc. And don’t forget about World Hunger. The money wasted printing your propaganda could have been spent buying grain. Duh.

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