Grandpa Duck Farts

An Amalia Story

There’s no censoring this child, so I’ve given her a forum. When I’m in the mood and one of her stories passes my test, I’ll post it just as written, grammatical errors and all. She’s nine years old.


One day grandpa duck went to a city commission meeting. He was friends with the mayor. The mayor asked him to give a speech. So in the middle of his speech he farted! Everyone passed out. He thought the meeting was over so he left. The stink stayed in his butt. As he walked on everybody else passed out. When he got home everybody asked “What’s that stink?”  He said “I don’t know?” As everybody covered there noses he farted again. It was like a bomb going off. No body knew what it was! It didn’t affect them though! Why? They where part of his family so they only smelled it. The Nerd Duck knew what it was, it was French fries. He had to do surgery immediately. They took out the French fries, but he kept farting. Nobody knew why. Grandma knew what to do. She knitted a big butt mask. Grandpa looked weird. So nobody passed out or smelled it. After a month they took it off. It smelled a little. So Uncle duck sprayed air feshener on him. He smelled no more.

The End

My comments: I’m impressed with the creative process and the correct use of affected.

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