Concerning My Sexual Preference

The title may be misleading. If you’re reading this to find out whether I’m interested in women, men, or both, you may be disappointed. (FYI: The answer is always “yes” or “who’s paying?”) The concern’s about bathroom preference. Pro vs. con of the unisex bathroom. Yeah, I know it’s been done before, Ally McBeal etc…

But today, the question entered my head once more. In the fine institution that I call my place of employment, technically the two sexes are separated, but single rooms. No stalls, just a toilet, sink, and a door with a lock. So when I feel the need, I’m not at all opposed to growing a fictitious penis and entering the men’s bathroom. I always find myself amazed at those that don’t. There are men and women that will wait…and wait…and wait…to use the proper one. The men fear becoming emasculated. The women fear contamination. In reality, women are way grosser then men. 9 out of 10 times there’s pee all over the seat. Men usually reserve drippage for the floor…so I guess I prefer the men’s room.

Well this morning, the women’s was available…only to find droplets covering the seat, the floor, and the wall. Pre-operative transsexual or man undergoing a  seizure?

One thought on “Concerning My Sexual Preference

  1. There was an awesome unisex bathroom in Club Delerium back in the late 90’s. It was constructed of many stalls and even urinals on the wall. But I never understood the reason for only ONE sink…….it was insane…….you never knew what you were going to walk in on haha


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